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Monday, September 5, 2011

Kiddies milk and sprinkles drink

 Sprinkles and milk

This is such a great idea for kiddies parties, I think the reason I like this idea so much is because the kiddies can make it themselves and truly enjoy it.

- milk
- rainbow sprinkles (hundreds and thousands)
- syrup or honey (melting chocolate is also an option)

1.) Rim a clear glass with syrup or honey (or melted chocolate).
2.) Dip the clear glass in colored sprinkles (hundreds and thousands).
3.) Let sit for 15 minutes (in the fridge for best result).
4.) Fill with cold milk (you can also use chocolate or strawberry Nesquik).
5.) Make a toast to the birthday boy/girl, and make sure your camera batteries are fully charged!

This is very cute and simple little thing to do with a bunch kids and they will never forget the little sprinkles on top of the glass, you'll even have parents asking you after some time  - "my child keeps asking me to make milk and sprinkles, what is that?"


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